Hey All,

I’m dedicating this blog to the debut of Hi-Five (Start Here), my first superhero serial.  My initial plan is to update every Sunday and Wednesday.  I don’t have any other published work to showcase my writing talents, however I have many unfinished projects on my hard-drive.  This doesn’t mean I will give up part of the way through on this serial.  I intend to see Hi-Five through to the end.  This will serve more as a testing ground for raw content before collecting and publishing volumes via Kindle.  I hope anyone with an interest in comics, heroes, and fantastic stories will enjoy what I have to share. Check out Web Fiction Guide for some other great works of web fiction.

A few notes on my personal life.  I live in New York and have been out of school for a year.  Every Wednesday I trek down to the comic book shop during my lunch break for new releases.  I’ve always found writing to be an entertaining and meaningful way to share my thoughts and provide an escape for readers.  My creative side (I like to think I have one) is very removed from the rest of my calculation-heavy life.  I’m a very avid music consumer and keep current on trends in the technology sector.  Drop a comment or tweet on just about anything you feel like.  Lastly, a picture of myself:


Hard at work.

Hard at work.